Central User Management

The OpenTTD Central User Management System is a system that keeps track of your login details for all our web services.

This means your account is stored in one central place and shared with all web services. Your username here is the same username as on our bug tracker and wiki page. As such, the passwords are always synchronised, and you only have to remember one set of login details.

On this page you can manage or create your account. This account will work on the following subsections of our site:

  • BaNaNaS - BaNaNaS is our content service, where you can upload your own content
  • WebTranslator - WebTranslator is our online translation tool, to simplify translating OpenTTD
  • Bugs - Bugs is a tool to report bugs and send in patches for OpenTTD
  • Wiki - Wiki is a user-edited book with various information about OpenTTD